Sup Doc A Documentary Film Podcast – All Episodes

Listen to every goddamn Sup Doc episode right on this page! Hear comedians, filmmakers, writers, musicians, and more talk about their favorite documentary! Sup Doc is a weekly comedy podcast that dissects and deconstructs current and classic documentaries with great guests as varied as the docs they hand-pick. The conversations are loose, funny and listeners get to know our guests while they learn about a specific documentary!

Past guests include: comedians Todd Glass (Religulous) and Wayne Federman (Crumb), musicians Dan Deacon (Gimme Shelter), the band YACHT (Tickled), directors Rodney Ascher (Room 237, The Nightmare) and Jodi Wille (The Source Family), great-grandson of L Ron Hubbard, Jamie DeWolf (Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief), screenwriter Adam Mansbach (Barry), NPR radio host Jesse Thorn (Fast, Cheap and Out of Control) and many others.

The hosts of Sup Doc are professional comedians Paco Romane and George Chen. They have performed in many clubs, concerts and festivals and have gained fans far and wide.
Sup Doc was recently reviewed on Digital Journal and they remarked, “Sup Doc is a brilliant idea and to say that Sup Doc is a “one-of-a-kind” podcast is not an exaggeration.” In addition Spinning Platters had this to say about Sup Doc “Get to know some of the funniest people while listening to them discuss documentaries…”
Our audience continues to grow each year and as far as we know we are the only comedy-interview-documentary podcast!