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Hello Tiger King fans! On this bonus episode the entire Sup Doc team (Paco, George and Will) gathers to do a follow up episode about a follow up episode: The Tiger King and I. In this TIGER KING aftershow, Joel McHale talks with Jeff, Saff, Erik and more to get their reactions to the series, their portrayals and their new fame. Did we need this 8th episode? Did Joel McHale need this? Paco and George are joined by super-producer and Oklahoma native Will Scovill. If you haven’t heard Netflix released a BONUS episode that follows up with the gang (except Joe Exotic ’cause he’s serving time). Hear from all of your favorite characters except Carole Baskin. We talk about The Tiger King, some new news about this record breaking true crime docu-series plus we talk about Oklahoma (Will’s home state), Infant Jesus of Prague, roadside Zoo’s, Florida, true crime, our next episode (Kid Icarus) and we play Pitch A Doc and talk about recent documentaries we’ve seen and the state of podcasting! Whew!! All of this in a tight 45 minute (give or take) episode that will surely delight you all! Also Will drops his latest podcast on the world Cathode Ray Mission! Follow Sup Doc on: Twitter: @supdocpodcast Instagram: @supdocpodcast Facebook: @supdocpodcast sign up for our mailing list You can support Sup Doc on Patreon.    
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