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This episode we watched Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich a four-part Netflix docuseries directed by Lisa Bryant. Based on James Patterson’s 2016 book, Filthy Rich takes a look at the stories of Epstein’s abuse survivors, so – Trigger Warning! If you believe there is no such thing as pure evil and people are the product of their circumstance, this docu-series might make you re-evaluate such a conviction. Our guest is the funny comedian and actor Haley Hoffmeister!

Jeffery Epstein is filthy rich so he owns a mansion on the Palm Beach, Florida, a vacation house in New Mexico, one in Paris, and another residence in New York. He also owns a private island in the Caribbean and has private jets but with money comes power, and with it, connections. The docu-series is predominantly the accounts of Epstein’s victims, who recount how they were manipulated, abused, and initiated into sex when they were underage. His victims were as young as 14. So Epstein’s sex pyramid scheme involved inviting these girls to his place to give him a massage for 200 dollars and coerce them into sex and then having them invite their friends and so on. Things get horrific with every passing episode as it peals one layer after the other to reveal the rotten core of this personality and a system that aided him.

Despite being a straight-forward series with lesser heard information, it still makes a significant achievement in the way of moving its focus from the perpetrator to the victims, who were censured and shamed over the years. Doing away with a narrator, Bryant lets the victims do the talking because this doesn’t happen often. This is how it should be. It should always be about them. It should only be about our empathy. And the first step is to listen. And listen, we should.

We also managed to have some light-hearted conversations for instance:

13:00 – Princess Di Conspiracy
15:00 – Some funny Trump stuff
27:30 – Jury duty/dating
37:30 – Woody Allen
42:40 – Alan Dershowitz’s weird brown teeth
52:30 – Royal family
58:30 – Rich people’s shitty taste in art/decor 
1:00:00 – In n Out Burger

Haley Hoffmeister an actor and comic from Eugene, Oregon currently living in Los Angeles. She can be seen on Amazon Prime’s “My First Comedy Special.” She also has a very funny TEDX talk entitled “Being a Woman is Not That Hard”.

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