Mayhem Month 2018!

May 9, 2018

Mayhem Month 2018

Three Great True Crime Docs in May

Our annual Mayhem Month returns! We present 3 great True Crime docs with our great guests: Gavin Booth, Andy Sell, Kaseem Bentley, and Lauren Stanton

Ep 87: West Of Memphis with horror filmmaker Gavin Booth – Monday May 14th

Ep 88: Cropsey with comedian Andy Sell – Monday May 21st

Ep 89: Central Park Five with comedian Kaseem Bentley and Lauren Stanton – Monday May 28th

And if you want to dig into some past True Crime episodes, check out last year’s Mayhem series

Ep 56 Interview With A Serial Killer with comedian Allison Mick

Ep 57 Thin Blue Line with Vince Mancini

Ep 58 Tower with Craig Staggs and Steph Swope 

and check out these other true crime back episodes:

Ep 35 OJ:Made In America with Greg Edwards and Harmon Leon

Ep 23 Making A Murderer with Red Scott

Ep 3 The Imposter with Beth Lisick

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