How The Documentary Hail Satan? Made Me Very Happy

January 14, 2020

How The Documentary Hail Satan? Made Me Very Happy

Hail Satan? gets 7 out of 10 Herzogs

By Paco Romane 1-14-20
I grew up in a VERY religious household(s). My parents were divorced so when I was with my dad and step-mom we went to a Methodist Church, a Free Denomination church and then a weird ass Agape Church in a YMCA an hour drive from our house. When I was with my mom and step-dad we went to his Southern Baptist church and for a long time my mom was an agnostic…so I really enjoyed watching the documentary Hail Satan?

A really funny, smart and enlightening look at an “alternative” religion that fights against the notion that US is a religious country founded on christian principles. They are advocating for intellectual beliefs and fairness in the marvelous idea our founders had in “separation of Church and State”. Look how shitty our country has gotten ever since the Silent Majority of the Ralph Reed and evangelical types have gotten involved in politics.

By all measures the US is getting LESS religious and that makes me very happy.

I give HAIL SATAN? 7 out of 10 Herzogs.

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