What’s Sup: Jaw Bless

July 16, 2017

What’s Sup: Jaw Bless

Every other Monday we check in with our listeners with an even less formal talk between George and Paco catching everyone up on Doc news, comedy shows, and our upcoming episode. Speaking of which: Next week July 24th the King of Summah Howard Kremer joins us to talk about the documentary MUSCLE SHOALS (2013, dir. Greg Camalier)

Paco and George discuss the forthcoming Jawbreaker documentary Don’t Break Down, The Keepers on Netflix, The Defiant Ones, Ken Nordine, and the Vivian Maier estate. You can also get George’s new comedy ep Word Origami when you contribute $5 to our Patreon page!

A listener reviews Mommy Dead and Dearest. If you’d like to review a documentary just record a short review on your phone, include you first name, the title of the doc, where you saw it, and why you’re telling us about it! Then just email us the recording to [email protected]

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