Sup Doc: Our Never Complete Doc Watched List

March 21, 2016

Sup Doc: Our Never Complete Doc Watched List

For Those About To Doc!

For Those About To Doc!

Here is a list of just some of the documentaries Paco, George and Will have watched lately and their Trailers:

Marwencol – A real beauty of a documentary. This doc has everything like a good doc should. Humor. Sadness. Compelling story and redemption. We can’t recommend this doc high enough.

The Cult Of JT Leroy – What a story! George and Paco talked to the director of this doc Marjorie Sturm on Ep 24.

30 for 30 June 17th, 1994 – Pretty compelling doc by the master Brett Morgan. It tells the story of the fateful day OJ was driven around LA in that infamous white Ford Bronco and the other sport stories that were unfolding that same day.

Grizzly Man – What can you say? One of the best. Grizzly Man is a 2005 American documentary film by German director Werner Herzog. It chronicles the life and death of bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell. Only Herzog could make a doc this compelling.

Tig – So great. The story of how comedian Tig Notaro survives cancer but goes through hell in the process.

An Honest Liar  – The Amazing Randy. One of the best magicians that wanted to sniff out frauds and we learn that he had some secrets himself.

Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show  – A fun doc. Paco is fascinated by Showrunners. You almost never hear about the people that keep TV shows running.

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography  – Another engaging doc about skateboarders and how they became superstar athletes. We talk to comedy blogger OJ Patterson about this doc on Ep 18.

No No: A Dockumentary – A look into the story of Doc Ellis and his famous acid fueled no hitter and how a young black athlete stood up to powers bigger than himself.

The Wolfpack – Fascinating. This doc centers on a family of brothers that keep themselves occupied by recreating their favorite movies in the their lonely NY apartment. It’s as intense as it is funny and moving. We talk to comedians Dave Ross and Anna Seregina about this on Ep 14.

Deli Man – A pretty decent doc following the owner of a famous deli. It also goes into the history of deli’s and visits a few famous locations throughout the US.

Finders Keepers – A very intriguing doc about a guy that buy’s a grill and gets a huge surprise when he opens it. This documentary seems ordinary but like any great doc there are twists and turns as you find yourself watching this stranger-than-fiction doc.

The Cartel – A great doc recommended by Jamie DeWolf in his interview Ep16 Going Clear. Moving and intense.

The Death of “Superman Lives” – Quite surprised by this doc. It’s really good AND you get to see Nicholas Cage in the Superman outfit that created a firestorm in the movie that was never made.

Orion The Man That Would Be King – A great watch and a fascinating story about a legendary musician you may have never heard of.

The Sandwich Nazi – A Lebanese-Canadian sandwich shop proprietor struggles with his business, entertains and berates his customers, and eventually deals with some deep family trauma.

City Of Gold – LA Times writer Jonathan Gold maps LA via its street food and restaurants that would not make it into Zagat. A fascinating portrait of a man and a city and a contemplation on criticism and journalism. Don’t watch on an empty stomach!

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