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Ep 78 Jim and Andy The Great Beyond with comedian Molly Sanchez

Sup Doc A Documentary Film Podcast with funny interviews, games and discourse

On Ep 78 host Paco Romane sits down with comedian/writer Molly Sanchez to talk, dissect and deconstruct the doc Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond.
Due to technical difficulties host George Chen couldn’t attend so Paco and Molly talk hella smack about George but also get into comedy, movies, writing and much more! Using 100 hours of footage from the set of “Man on the Moon,” filmmaker Chris Smith documents Jim Carrey’s transformation into legendary performance artist and comedian Andy Kaufman.

Molly Sanchez is a writer, comedian and lover of burritos everywhere. As a standup she has performed at the San Francisco Punchline, Cobbs Comedy Club, The Comedy Store LA, and various hives of scum and villainy around the world. She’s been featured in The She Devil Comedy Fest in New York, The She Devil Fest in Toronto and once Margaret Cho said her dress was pretty. Her improv “career” started at San Francisco State with Improv Nation and now proudly continues with Group Text. Molly also hosts the one season only TV show podcast “Failure To Launch“.

Show Notes:
After Mash: Potter, Mulcahy and Klinger reunite after the Korean War on the staff at a Missouri hospital.

First episode date: September 26, 1983

Final episode date: May 31, 1985

No. of episodes: 31 (1 unaired in America)

Molly on Twitter: @SeriousMolly

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One comment on “Ep 78 JIM & ANDY THE GREAT BEYOND with comedian Molly Sanchez

  1. One. You’re an awesome podcaster you capture the blend of form and chaos really well. In that you’re able to riff and go off in different ways with the guests but still keep it smooth and flowing and moving forward in a nice way. You make the casualness of the podcast seem effortless, and it’s an amazing skill that’s the hardest thing to do ever.

    So Kudos on that. I listen to a lot of podcast and it’s really killer. I gave you a positive review on podbean a little bit ago. That’s the Android podcast service I use most often.

    In regards to the Jim Carrey movie
    I think it’s a really good documentary and that it does make us question the idea of identity who Jim Carrey is and is trying to be in the movie
    Is it just Jim Carrey’s ego playing itself out or is he going through some real spiritual awakening through this process or both at the same time or something else
    The answer to that will become apparent in the next few years
    The documentary made me want to get a ticket for that ride and see where it ends up
    I found out about the documentary because I started seeing Jim Carrey pop up and conspiracy feeds and different groups whose opinions I trust
    He has been through a lot and when you see him with the beard in the leather jacket he is passed Jenny McCarthy conspiracy FaZe and his hot Irish girlfriend died
    That’s enough to fuck you up and make you question some stuff
    So I like that it may be questioned whether he was a big asshole or being real. And what that even meant
    I give it 4 out of 5 stars
    I thought it was very good and entertaining and the scene of the Playboy Mansion was worth the price of admission
    If you’re looking for truth here I don’t think you’re going to find it. The truth you find in this movie is that absence of self that ultimately emerges from all the different Jim Carrey’s and Andy Kaufman’s splayed across the screen.
    I’ve been an Andy Kaufman fan from way way back as well
    We used to do the Mighty Mouse thing in middle school and high school
    I’m a bigger Jim Carrey fan now than I ever have been
    That might say something about the movie or me or both
    I’m going to have to read some reviews and see what the general take on it is and how it was received!

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