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Ep 31 Sup Doc 1 Year Anniversary Show!

Sup Doc 1 Year Anniversary Show

It’s been a full year since we dropped the very first episodes of Sup Doc! We watched many classic and soon-to-be-classic documentaries, talked to new and old friends, and jumped feet first into podcasting. Paco and George are joined by producer Will to reminisce about our dynamics, getting blocked out of Outside Lands, the secret of the Sup Doc logo design, mystery emails from Anonymous, and what to expect in the next few months of the show.

We had so many great guests on our podcast in our first year and we hand selected just a few moments that we thought we’d share with you.

We play clips from Kaseem Bentley and Adam Pfahler about San Francisco 2.0 (Episode 15), Chris Thayer talks about his high school performance art band with Emily Heller and David Gborie LIVE in SF as part of SF Sketchrest (Episode 22), Beth Lisick gets taken in by the JT LeRoy con and a Haight Street hustler (Episode 3), Jesse Thorn visits a farm sanctuary (Episode 13), and Jamie DeWolf compares L. Ron Hubbard to Stephen King (Episode 16). Paco also appears on The Todd Glass Show  and claims to be friends with Mr. T (a likely story). Special thanks to our Patreon supporters; Angi Brzycki, Veronica Belmont, Jaan Shenberger!

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