Ep 153 THE GO GO’S with journalist Dakin Hardwick

Ep 153 Sup Doc: The Go Go's with music journalist Dakin Hardwick

Today Paco and George recap the new Showtime documentary The Go Go’s . Notably the first all-femme band to write their own songs, play their own instruments, and snag a #1 US album. Directed by Allison Ellwood, this straightforward music documentary looks at the LA group’s rise, reign and breakup, along with youthful ambition, firings, drugs, rehab, money squabbles, breakup, and inevitable reunions.

Dakin Hardwick is the one of the founders of Spinning Platters, a website started by a small group of Bay Area based music fans. He was not a writer before starting this blog, and honed my craft in the public eye. The blog is still alive and well after a decade on the internet, even managing to continue to put out content during the COVID crisis. In addition to managing the blog, Dakin has managed to work in music his entire adult life, starting out as a clerk at Wherehouse Music, interning for both Universal Music Distribution and Six Degrees records, and then working at Ticketfly throughout the entire lifespan of the company, then eventually landing at Eventbrite, working on their Music venue product up until the COVID pandemic wiped out the industry, causing the company to let go a large percentage of it’s staff. Dakin, along with fellow Spinning Platters founder Gordon Elgart, occasionally hosts music trivia in San Francisco.

Dakin currently lives in Oakland, CA, and is hunting for a full time day job while raisin

Dakin’s new podcast How Did I Get Here?

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