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Sup Doc A Semi-Serious Documentary Podcast
Great Docs. Interesting People. Strong Opinions.


Comedians Paco Romane and George Chen chat with interesting people with strong opinions about their favorite documentaries. You’ll learn a lot about a doc and even more about our guests. This isn’t your run of the mill comedy-interview-documentary podcast!


Comedy Cake profiles our Mayhem Series – “Their knowledge, wit, and compassion can get you through anything!”

Boing Boing likes us! – “Sup Doc is a great idea for a podcast series – interviews with interesting people about their favorite documentaries.”

Sup Doc picked as a TOP 10 documentary podcast! – GuideDoc  “Each program presents a special guest, usually comedians, actors, writers or directors who share their life experiences and their views about their preferences in documentary filmmaking.”

Sup Doc gets a great write up on Digital Journal! – “Sup Doc is a brilliant idea and to say that Sup Doc is a “one-of-a-kind” podcast is not an exaggeration.”

Read about Sup Doc in The Huffington Post!

A Nerd’s Guide To SF Sketchfest 2016 from Spinning Platters – “Get to know some of the funniest people while listening to them discuss documentaries…”

Featured in the “Podcasts We’re Listening To” on!

“…Quality premise and production out of the gate…” Award-winning comedy blog CourtingComedy


“…These guys are super funny and I really like listening to their stories and conversations. Check it out!…” – iTunes review
“…Kudos to Paco and George for this brilliant idea…” – iTunes review
“…a must listen if you enjoy documentaries…” – iTunes review
“…Comics and docs, great combo…” – iTunes review
“…amazingly in-depth and hilarious…” – iTunes review
“…comedic, well-versed conversations about documentaries…” – iTunes review
“…even when I haven’t seen the films this podcast is entertaining…” – iTunes review
“…I recently got turned on to Sup Doc’s funny, lively conversations about documentaries. Highly recommended…” A Nice Tweet
“…This episode of Sup Doc with William Hutson of clipping about The Carter and Room 237 is frustratingly good…” A Nice Tweet
“…I love documentaries and funny people make everything better. You’ve turned me onto some great films and I hope you keep it up forever!…” – iTunes review

Cool Stuff

Host Paco Romane was a guest on the hilarious comedy podcast The Todd Glass Show! Listen carefully and you can hear us in Paco’s theme song!